I have a Hohner Rockwood Pro Strat copy which I bought in 2002 as my first guitar. So last Wednesday I took it in to the guitar shop to get a setup done on it. He did everything on including adjusting the truss rod. Well I got it back Last Friday and was very pleased with the way it played. Then on Tuesday when I picked up my guitar to play it, I noticed that the neck had shifted back to it's original position. Instead of it having a slight bow which is normal, It had bowed up. The neck is on a steep slant. So I talked to my guitar teacher about it and he said It could be a faulty truss rod. I keep my guitar on it's stand with a sheet covering it. Plus the humidity in my room is about 45-50% and the temperature in my room is about 60 degrees fahrenheit. What could have caused the neck to have shifted so much in such a short time? What should I do?
Rudy da Costa
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Sometimes even professionals can over or underestimate trust rods of different brands other than (Fender, Gibson, Ibanez). If you show the tech how much the neck has adjusted by itself, he or she will definitely help you out for free, but you might have to leave it overnight or a week.