Hi all i am trying to get a metal rythm and a metal lead like amorphis sentenced hammerfall tone on my boss me-70 but all i get is a shity distorted sound. Do you guys have any good advise how to set up mine me-70?? My guitar is the marcus henderson apparition epiphone with emg 81 and emg 85 thank you all
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Get rid of the Boss ME70 and get a Line 6 POD HD or used POD X3 if your on a budget. Boss pedals have pretty poor amp models.

What type of amp are you using?
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well at home i am pluged in through my laptop (audio interface, Headset) because neighbours make are getting disturbed from the sound or my shitty rebel amplifire;p and with my band i play with a line 6 spider IV 75. i know that the amp models aren't that good but can't i do something with that? i was also thinkng of getting a GT-8 or GT-10