I am thinking of getting a godin session custom. I have tried it and it plays well, is comfortable, sounds decent and the build quality seems to be there. However, there are not a lot of reviews out there. I don't think its been on the market very long.

Does anyone have any thoughts, criticisms or praise for this guitar? The only negative I could say is it looks fairly plain(but that doesn't really matter to me).
They're not new.

Godin generally makes a good guitar, IMHO. I've not played that one, but I have played a few Progressions, Sessions and Velocities, and each has impressed me.
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Godin is great. Made in Canada, using locally sourced woods for the most part, and putting in some cool features you don't usually see.

They're very good value, and the HDR seems really cool. Basically helps your pickups sounds and feel like actives from what I can tell, which is really neat.