Are there differences in quality? What should I look for when buying one? I got some new mics and I only have one cable.
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Quote by Billwallace89
Are there differences in quality? What should I look for when buying one? I got some new mics and I only have one cable.

Ofcourse there is some difference in quality, but I have a cheap one I use for 2 years now, and the sound isn't worse than any other cable I used prior.

I think most of the cost difference is related to:
Brand name
Length of the cable
Durability of the cable

Just buy a rather cheap one, don't act too wild with it and you should be fine.
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You'll know that "you've arrived" when the quality of your mic cables represents the weak link in your chain.

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I generally apply the same rule to all cables, XLR, Guitar, anything. The absolute bottom of the barrel cables are crap and will be detrimental to your signal, once you get past those then a cable is a cable and you will not be able to tell the difference between the two (don't believe me google "monster vs coat hanger").
Yeah, what chatterbox said... (I hadn't heard of the coat hanger test before - that was funny, but not at all surprising!). Just avoid the cheapest thing you can find. XLR will run a pretty long distance and still sound good. Just watch if you're going to have people stepping all over the wires or kicking and stressing them where they're connected (I hope the answer is no). At some point, you might do better having two cheap cables vs. one expensive one (one as a backup).
it makes a difference for sure, but a lot of people debate on how much of a difference. I've seen the coathanger test and it obviously makes a strong point. I've never particularly liked monster cables either though.

I rewired my entire rig with mogami cables (I get them cheap, I'm not rich or anything) and I definitely notice a difference, especially the more of them I used. Running one straight to my amp increased the volume a little bit and I got some more lows and highs. When I rewired everything in my pedal board I noticed a pretty solid difference.

Does it matter? Probably not, I doubt anyone cares. I get more enjoyment out of it though.
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