Very good condition Dime (Black) I took it in a trade, sounds fantastic , body style just isnt me, im more of a traditionalist , Ill throw in a mint conditon coffin case

Also Have a mint condition Michael Kelly Valor custom in black flame , if you dont know about them google them and see for yourself ... SOUNDS AMAZING , Rockfield SWC pickups (dont really want to trade it , but will for the right guitar)..No case

And a Peavey Vypyr 100w Combo with Sanpera 2 foot controller, never gigged, used for practice only

I will trade all 3 for a Les Paul Standard or custom, (not studio/DC or SG, Chibson, and nothing with p90's please) , or PRS (not SE) or higher end guitar.

Orville/Greco/Burny work too, but not for all 3

Prefer H/H Config, but may consider higher end strats

also looking for All tube setups

Will discuss all offers, on 1 -2 or all 3

Prefer F2F in Philadelphia Pa area