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Interesting guitar sound on intro. The intro & chorus vocals are a bit heavy for my taste (though good for that style), but the later melodic vocals are quite good. Good guitar & bass playing. Nice drums & synths. Overall good for the genre. Please review my music at this link:


thank you for the critique

I split the guitar signal 3 ways to get that sound - I used my POD HD PRO with a bass octaver and sweep echo delay, also a revolutionz guitar amp modeler with similar effects and the lepou lecto guitar amp modeler pretty much with no effects.

I was much happier with how the vox came out on this song compared to my others

Overall a good song. Both the clean vocals and the growls are good. The guitar solo is also good and fits the song, and I like the rhythm guitar during the solo as well.

I don't like the transitions at 1:12 and 2:09, because I feel that they kind of ruin the flow of the song. Nice effect on the vocals in that part, though.

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Very high quality on the mix sound processing/quality - quite impressive, although I'm not a massive fan of the drum sound, sounds like its a drum machine - not that keen on the snare sound. Would probably bring vocals up in the mix and put keyboards back a bit. Great guitar playing.

Found the song a bit slow going, not keeping it interesting enough for me, for example at around 3:30 where it is repeating similar riffs/lines quite a bit. Not enough of a hook/melody on the vocals.

However, good quality on the sound overall.