I am posting on behalf of my girlfriend. She is learning electric guitar and has a VOX AMPlug for Christmas so she can practice with headphones late at night.
She also uses Guitar Bot web site to help her learn and assist in getting up to speed.

What she would like to do is plug headphone out from AMPlug into Line In on Laptop and plug headphones into Headphone socket on Laptop and listen to her playing and listen to Laptop sounds.

I have tried all sorts of settings and although I can get the guitar sound into the laptop I can't get it to come out of the Headphone socket of the laptop.

So any one know how to get the Line In on a laptop to be outputted/ mixed with laptop sound to come out on headphones?

Or is it that she needs different kit?
She is only learning as she has always wanted to be able to play for her own enjoyment.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
She needs an interface. We have a sticky which actively discourages the thing you're trying to do, mic/line ins on laptops aren't really made for plugging guitars into.
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Why would you do that? Try doing it the other way around....

The Amplug has an aux input, go from your PC's headphone output to that and plug your headphones into the Amplug as normal.
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Thanks for your replies. ChemicalFire: I realise that a guitar should not be plugged directly into a computer. The AMPlug provides a headphone out that I am feeding to the Line In on the laptop. I will have a read up on the interfaces sticky.
GaryBillington: The problem doing it the other way is that the website (Guitar Bot) needs to 'hear' her playing! So there has to be an input to the laptop from the guitar.
I suppose the simple way to explain is that I need to get the guitar signal into the laptop and use headphones to listen to both guitar and laptop.

Thanks again.