Fellow strummers,

I'm relatively new to playing the guitar (little over 2 years), I had a simple 15-watt amp hooked up to my guitar until this Christmas. I now have a Fender Mustang I and Boss ME-25 pedal hooked up.

Im here asking for some tips as to the basics of the sounds.

I hooked'er up and started playing around with the effects/presets but it seems like amp's presets are overriding ME-25 is doing.

I think what I'm asking is, how would I set the amp up to a cleaner sound, so i can use the pedal for effects?

I appreciate any and all advice and help!

Thanks guys!!!!
Modelling on modelling is not a very good place to be. There is a glitch in the Fuse community that allows you to download a preset called Empty. Download it.

If you want to go the manual way, open up FUSE and select British 70's with 4x12M/G. Set Gain 1 or less, volume 10, Bass/Treble/Middle 5 and play around with the knobs. Also set the noise gate to Super.

The Mustang doesn't take pedals well. I have an EHX Big Muff that sounds like crap on the Mustang but sounded fantastic on a Marshall MG in the shop.
A decent way to set it up for pedals is to put it on the '65 Twin Reverb preset (amber light). Then turn the Mod and DEL/REV knobs up a little then all the way back down to off. This will give you a nice clean dry signal with no on-board effects coloring your signal. Pedals work pretty decent on the Mustangs but it's picky with distortions.

My Tube Screamer and Brownie Classic (Rat clone) sounds pretty good on it (not spectacular but good) and my EHX Metal Muff sounds completely horrible on it. Modulation and time based effects work pretty good on it to, but you want to use pedals for your distortion/OD. My Chorus, Flanger and delay all work great on it, on the channel setting I provided.

I don't normally use my pedal board on my Mustang since it's for my main tube rig. But I play with it on the Mustang sometimes to play with different settings and stuff for late night practice. And the ability to have more options on the fly than just 2 presets available with the Mustang.

You should also get into using the Fuse program. Between all the tweaking options you have available with it and all the great presets available you can get it sounding pretty good for all kinds of styles.
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