I just started playing acoustic guitar a couple months ago and asked for an electric guitar for christmas to use with rocksmith. I'm not sure if there's something wrong with the guitar or the amp or if its just me being stupid.

The amp is a peavey vypyr VIP-1 and the guitar is an Epiphone SG pro. The problem is that when I plug the guitar in to the amp and switch between the preset settings the volume is vastly different between them. The guitar has two volume knobs (one for each pickup right?) both can be pulled up or pushed down. Down = humbuckler and up= single cell, I'm not sure what that means but on some amp settings I can have both knobs turned to full volume and turn the amp master volume up to like 7 before I can start hearing the guitar through the amp. On others I can have both knobs on the guitar turned way down and the amp volume just at 1 or 2 and it will be plenty loud.

The thing that makes me think it has something to do with the guitar is that on rocksmith for some songs I can't hear my own guitar playing, for example on float on for lead guitar I can hear the recorded guitar playing my part but it doesn't matter even if I play all wrong notes the song still sounds fine.

Is this me doing something wrong or is there something wrong with the guitar, and should I take it back?
What is the gain knob set to on the quieter channels?
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I just tried turning the pre-gain and post-gain knobs on the quietest pre-set to the exact same as they are on one of the loud ones, and it was still extremely quiet.
Definitely sounds like you just gotta adjust and get to know what the knobs on the amp do. Both pre and post affect volume. Use the post volume to stay cleaner, louder. Use the pre volume for more gain, quieter. You'll pick it up quick.

That's pretty cool the VIP has both if its not a gimmick or I'm wrong in thinking its different from just a regular gain knob on a ss amp.

Ps I'm clueless about Rocksmith. No idea what's goin' on there, maybe you're a natural.
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Keep your guitar volume at full, because turning guitar volume down also reduces your gain (unless you want to do that). Guitar volume knob isn't really something that you use to control the overall volume (also, usually turning your guitar volume down makes your sound muddier). Use your post gain knob for that. It's your overall volume knob.

But the problem you are having may just be bad presets. They are set at different volumes. Try tweaking them so that they are all at the same volume. Yeah, learn what all the knobs in your amp do. Keep the post gain at low levels if you want low volume.
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