I got this ovation that I wanna give to a friend but I'm having issues with the pick up and I wanna fix it before I give it to him. At one point it was working, I broke a string and it's sat for while now, so as I was changing the strings, I wanted to lower the saddle cuz it's so friggin high and this thin shim fell out, it's not flat because it's got a nipple or bump on one end, now after I put it back in nipple end at the high e string- why, I don't know just thought it would work better that way ! I restrung it with just the A string to see if it works... We'll it doesn't work at all.
After removing it again I took a small alen key at was touching the wired end of the pickup, I'm getting feedback as I'm touching along the pickup and a hum when I touch the wired end at the contact point so I think the pickup is ok, so my questions are, do I have to have all the string on it with proper tension for it to work ? Is this metal strip with the bump on one end, a shim or part of the pickup itself, must it go in a certain way for it to work ? Or can I just toss it ?
I don't know much about this stuff, but was reading this pezoid (not sure if I spelled that right ) has to have pressure on it to work, but does that mean all strings must be on it to test to see if I put it back together correctly. Before I get too frustrated I just though many of you guys would know this stuff so it's better to ask than to piss away a few hours messing around with this.... I've been looking on the web but haven't found out what it is I'm doing wrong ! Any help would be appreciated for sure, thanks.
I hope I described my problem clearly enough for you to understand.
A quick picture or 2 would probably be best.
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