I have a barre chord progression I am playing that involves G and A... but there is also a B type chord. I barre on the second fret and play an Am chord shape. What is the name of that chord?

Also for this what kind of scale should I play for a lead part? I am familiar with pentatonic scales mostly.
that sounds like a Bm chord you're talking about, as far as the chord rooted in B...if I'm understanding what you're saying.

I'm not good at calling the key by the chords, but I think that it is actually in the key of Bm, too - if that is all the chords in the progression. if there is a D chord of some type, then it is probably in the key of D, or if it is otherwise in the key of D, then the progression never resolves...

Anyway, you should be able to solo over that progression with the B Minor Pentatonic scale.
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Think about it. You took an A minor chord, and you played it two half steps higher (2nd fret instead of open). This gives you a B minor.

B minor, or of course B minor pentatonic will work nicely over this.
Knowing what all the chords are is the first step.

Figure out the notes in each of the chords, then figure out what scale(s) contain those notes.