I'm finally starting to undertake a project I've been wanting to do for a good while now, which is completely rewire both of my guitars. I have all of the details down except for what pickups I want to end up where.

For the record, the most current setups in each guitar are:

Epi Les Paul:
Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates - Bridge
Seymour Duncan AlNiCo II Pro - Neck

Moser V:
Seymour Duncan JB - Bridge
EMG H4 - Neck

Both guitars have 500k pots and stock tone caps (no clue what they are). After the rewire, they'll have 500k Pots still, but .022uf Vitamin T caps. The LP is all Mahogany (with a "Maple" Veneer) with a set neck and rosewood fingerboard. The Moser has a Maple neck-thru with Alder sides and a Rosewood fingerboard.

Basically, I want the Moser to be an all-out Metal machine. The routing is MUCH too small to accommodate batteries, so actives are out of the question. I was thinking a set of Dimarzio D Activators for this one. I've had my eye on those for some time now. I want more output and more harmonics, and it seems to me that those will deliver, although I'm still open to suggestions.

The Les Paul I want to keep versatile. I want enough output for Metal, but I want it to be just as at home doing Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, and maybe even some Country. I've really been having issues with how dark it is with all that damn mahogany, although it does have its uses sometimes. I was thinking maybe put the JB in the bridge, possibly modded with an AlNiCo 8 or even Ceramic magnet and maybe put the Pearly Gates in the Neck, possibly with an AlNiCo 5 or 8 mod.

As for budget, I honestly don't know. I'm not going to spend $300 per pickup, but if I would need to stretch my budget to Bare Knuckle prices to get the exact, perfect fit, then I will. Otherwise, I suppose I would spend somewhere in the general neighborhood of about $100 per pickup.

Gear is in my sig, although I should add to that list the DigiTech Hardwire CM-2, which is being used as a boost for my amp.

Thanks guys, I look forward to your replies!
Seymour Duncan black winter set are great
pups for your metal axe imo.
You can power EMGs remotely, you dont need batteries in the guitar itself.

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If you can afford Bare Knuckle prices definitely go for the Pain killers or Aftermath. With the epi going for the JB in the bridge and pearly gates in the neck sounds like a good plan.
DiMarzio D Activators in the V (I have a set in my S420, they're a bit bright for my tastes, but they have INSANE harmonics).

Seymour Duncan Custom / '59 (or Jazz or Pearly Gates) in the Epi. The Custom is pretty much the standard answer for exactly what you want (a pup that works for classic rock to modern metal). Normally I'd recommend the Custom 5, but if your problem is darkness, the ceramic Custom will probably be a better choice.

I wouldn't recommend a JB, it has too much output to really be that versatile.
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My amp is pretty dark, so brightness doesn't worrk me too much. I've really been eyeing those D Activators for while, anyway. Should I maybe throw a LiquiFire in the neck of the V with a DA in he bridge? Or maybe even the newer Petrucci pup? (the name escapes me)

Cath is a witch. That is pure witchcraft. I might check into that and put an 81/60 combo in the V.

With the JB vs Custom, I have no fear of utilizing my Volume knob, and if I decide to go ahead and wire coil splits, I should be able to tone the output down. I haven't tried the Custom, but I really dig the tone the JB gives me in the V. How would you compare the two?

Ill have to check out the Black Winter pups. I haven't heard of them.

The only issue I have with BKP is I feel that the price in the states versus the price of Duncans, Dimarzios, or EMGs isn't really worth the massive difference. Don't get me wrong, I have major GAS for at least half of their high output pups, but I just have a hard time justifying the price.