Like the title says, on one of my guitars the strings dont perfectly line up with the center of the poles on the pickups. they are off to the side a little. they are still over the poles, just not over the center. I could correct this by ordering new saddles that aren't pre-slotted, but does it even matter as far as sound is concerned?

it is fine, it is only aesthetics. If you try the new saddle thing you will throw off the string spacing and then you will be in big trouble with the guitar.
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I've found that it more common that all of the strings won't line up with the center of the poles. The magnetic field for each pole extends beyond just the surface area of the poles, so unless the string is WAY off, it will still work fine.
Is it a bolt-on guitar? Check to see if both strings on the edge (E and little E assuming this is a 6 string) are the same distance from the edge of the fretboard all the way up. If it isn't, then you may need to re-align that, but it's not a huge issue. There's no sound difference, but it may be a problem if you're struggling to fret some high frets on either edge strings.
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Its a gibson lp dc studio that had a wraparound bridge that the previous owner changed out for one with adjustable saddles. The two posts seem to be offset and with the saddles being pre-notched in the center it throws it off a little. The low E string does seem to get a little closer to the edge past the 12th fret, but I've never found it to be a problem. If it was the high E I could see that causing a huge problem.

My thought was to get new saddles that aren't notched, and then notch them myself to better align them with the pickups. Im confident I'd be able to do this precisely to maintain the factory string spacing, but if it wont effect the sound at all I'm probably not going to bother.

thanks again for the replies
Okay, that's cool. I had a problem with my bolt-on Jackson being not aligned properly, and after I re-aligned it the strings lined up with the pickups properly. Your case is different though.

You probably don't need to bother with doing anything to it then.
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