Hi lovely people,

I'm planning to go to a blues jam session anytime soon. I have the basics of improvisation down and don't worry too much about that. However, what worries me is whether I know the songs the other players will go for. Expecting a lot of 12-bar, but still.. when preparing, do you guys have any suggestion as to what songs I should definitely be able to play? Or, which songs I can suggest, with a good chance that other bandmembers will be able to play aloing right away?

Hey man, ive been doing stuff like that since i was 14, here's my honest advice.

1.MAKE SURE YOU REALLY DO KNOW THAT 12 BAR BLUES!!!!! Like EVERYTHING about it, how to play it in all the keys (Which is so simple, u just need to know the pattern, and then just slide it around), and how to improvise over it. Also, remember, its blues, its more about feeling then anything. Play only what u hear in your head over it, think of your playing like a conversation.

2.Song wise, Make sure you know a bunch of the standards. Stormy Monday, Born Under A Bad Sign, Mary Had a little lamb, Voodoo Child, Red House, Mustang Sally, The thrill is gone, etc. ALSO KNOW HOW TO PLAY THOSE IN OTHER KEYS!!!! Ive many times played the thrill is gone in tons of keys outside of b. Usually the guy singing will pick what suits his voice.

3.If they suggest a song you dont know, ask them what key its in (Most of the time they will tell you either way) and just sit deep back in the pocket (This is much easier with another guitarist) and just play some lead fills and a few chords, if it is a blues song, 99% of the time it will be a 12 bar.

4.Just have fun!!!! let your soul go through your guitar. Try to have as much fun as you can.

So to wrap up, just review some of the standards, and jam the hell out of the 12 bar, and you will be fine. IF I HAD TO PICK 2 songs for you to definitely know, Id say learn Mustang Sally (For whatever reason, they love that song by me) and The thrill is gone, voodoo chile is a close second though.
Either way good luck and have fun!
Pardon for my belated response. First of all, happy new year! Second, thanks a lot for the suggestions. Looking forward to the sessions!