Hey guys, I'm looking to pick up a new recording interface this week and would like some input. So far I'm liking the Cakewalk/Roland V-Studio 100 and the Zoom R16. The V-100 is on sale for $399 and the R16 is $419 at my local shop. This will be used for making demos at home to share with my band and other musicians. I will probably use superior drummer for drums so I'll mostly be recording guitar and bass with some vocals. I like the fact that the two units support Mackie Control so I can use the buttons and knobs to control my DAW. I might use the SD card recording but it will almost always be used at home connected to my PC. I like the R16 due to the 8 XLR inputs but I've read that the V-Studio 100 is better quality. Which one would you guys suggest? Is there anything else under $500 that I should consider?

Sam Ash has the VS-100 for $299:


I'd go with the VS-100, but it depends on what you need, really. The VS-100 has a motorized fader, which is more useful in DAW control... but since there's only one, it's not a huge advantage. The R16 can be used standalone more effectively, as it can completely replace your DAW, while the VS-100 was really meant to be used with a computer.
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Do you think I'll hear an audio quality difference between the R16 or V-100 on line level instruments? I'm leaning towards the R16 mostly because if I wanted to record live drums it has 8 inputs.