Hi all,
I'm starting to think more seriously of studying music.
In my country the music studies aren't serious enough so I'm thinking of the US.
I'd like to hear your recommendations and appreciate it if you could explain a little about music studies - how long are they, prices, scholarships, application requirement and anything else you would like to share.

I play guitar since 6th grade.
I've studied two years classical guitar with one of the best teachers in my country, another year of Jazz and rock with another teacher, and two more years of progressive rock and metal with another teacher. from there till now I've been practicing on my own so I have a wide range of experience in guitar.
I've also graduated a music high school (Jerusalem academy of music) so I have a good basic in music theory and playing in groups.

As you can understand I'm more of a rock - progressive and metal guy although I do like jazz, fusion and even classic music very much!
Is there any musical institute that refers to modern music as well?
From what I've read so far Jazz is the closest genre to my preference that it gets.
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Maybe you should try "studding" English, yeah?
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Maybe you should try "studding" English, yeah?

One would assume that he does.

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There's no "Modern" study of music, music schools will take you from the beginning to the modern approach to music.

Generally, you go to a two-year college to learn music theory, and jazz theory(depending on your major) and then you would transfer to a university for a masters or doctorate in music.

California has a lot of good jazz studies programs with the top schools in the East coast.

University of Rochester (Eastman School of Music) New York
Juilliard School New York
University of Southern California CA
If you are interested in studying music, any university will pretty much do.
And you can also transfer if you want to go to a more prestigious university.
You can also may try attending MI http://www.mi.edu/
Where it's kind of a technical school, but for musicians.
Don't worry too much about taking a music degree, as long as you take other supplementary courses like: History, biology, ect.
Gilad Hekselman, an excellent Israeli jazz guitarist got a scholarship to attend this school in new york http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_New_School_for_Jazz_and_Contemporary_Music
You might want to look into that, there might be some kind of student exchange/ scholarship program you can benefit from
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