hello, Ive been around here the last year asking questions about building an x88r preamp. I built the lead channel in november and ever since have been struggling with reaper and the million red wirez marshall 1960a impulses to try to eq some buzz sound that comes from the amp when I play lower notes.

I believe this buzzing may be called mud. I dont really know since Ive never really played a tube amp before this one and never had this problem with my vypyr. its very hard to explain the ugly sound so Ill just post this link to it:


the palm mutes turn into mud! I was also picking at almost every note in the clip. any idea how to remove the mud and make thi amp sound at least decent? this demo is made by running the preamp into reaper and there I use guitar rig 5 for effects(only noise gate is on in clip), then into igniteamps tpa-1(power amp sim) and then a red wirez impulse with kefir. the gain is at 3oc for demo, but the mud is present at every eq and gain setting. The volume is at max, but again, the mud is present even at low volume. since Ive never played a tube amp before I have no idea if a lead channel is even supposed to sound like this.

it does sound good in the higher notes though. and with an eq effect from guitar rig 5 I can lower the mud, but its always there. here is the schem for the whole preamp. I only made the leadchannel(top part).


the only change I made to the circuit is the bypass cap on the second gain stage is changed to .1uF since I was missing an extra 1uF cap. I dont even know what to look for. I suppose I can change the .1uF cap to a 1uF when I have the chance, but Im not all too sure how much of a change that will be. where should I start to look for a mod?
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Since it doesn't sound muddy on the higher notes, and only on the bassier one. I'd say it's clipping of some sort. Other than that I can't help you.