I know most on here recommend playing songs you like slowly as a practice routine, which i'm doing. But there's only so many times you can play a song at 50% tempo. (or less)

So, can some people show me their routines? I'm most interested in developing alternate picking and getting started learning how to sweep.
Is there anything with sweeps/alt picking in particular that you'd like to be able to do in the near future? Start from there.
My own personal routine would be to always warm up with some set exercises. So, for example, I would practice the pentatonic scale every day and in every position so I would practice all up the neck, so you need to make sure you know all the positions, I would then choose a key to practice it in for that day and basically run through it using alternate picking and at different speeds, I would choose a different key each day so I became familiar with how to use it in all keys. I would then also do the same with all the modes again using alternate picking (it's a good idea to practice alternate picking on everything just as a matter of course, it will improve your speed and fluidity). So, I would start off with the basic major scale and choose a key for that day's practice and then run through it in all positions all over the neck, then move onto the dorian mode and on through all the rest of the modes until I had practiced everyone. Now this might sound a lot of work but the beauty of the modes is that once you have mastered the basic major scale in all positions then you also know all of the of the modes because the formations are the same, the only way the differ is from the interval you start on depending on which mode you are in (that's a complicated way of saying all the formations are the same).

You can also find some exercises in theory books and online that will help with your manual dexterity and your picking technique. I remember I used to have on that I used to practice daily that was just basically a 1-2-3-4 pattern on one string, so you would play the 1234 straight down one string and then 2134 and then a further combination that I'm struggling to remember, it was essentially a way of making your brain obey your fingers without making a mistake. I'm sure you could find similar exercises on internet if you look. It wasn't a very musical exercise as I remember but it was very good for improving your technique.

After you have spent 30-45 mins working on your daily warm up routine then move onto something a bit more interesting, like trying to learn a song you like, trying to emulate some riffs from your favourite player or just jamming and improvising with some of the techniques you have learned. Also maybe try learning another style of music you don't normally listen to, you can get bored if you just keep playing the same sort of music, breaking it up a bit will help keep your interest levels up and may well turn you on to different styles of music.

Hope that's of some use. Just my ideas.
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