I'm new to the pedal game and I need help. I bought a NS-2 to take away some hiss from my Big Muff Pi. Problem is that no matter where it is on my chain, it doesn't allow me any delay from my Visual sound axle grease delay. I was figuring I would go Guitar ,Wah, Muff, NS-2, Delay then amp. Even tried hooking it up through the send return, I don't really know how it works, as in which cables to put in and where to put them. If I could somehow fix this problem with that let me know, if i'm completely wrong on what the send and return are for please elaborate. I've tried in many combinations with pedals in between and what not and still it won't work. PLEASE HELP ME!

P.S. It really does do justice to what I want the pedal for but I NEED a little bit of delay.
Try guitar to NS-2 input to output amp, the try your pedals in the loop of the NS-2.

What are your settings?
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the send return on your amp is considered the effects loop. It basically puts the pedal between the preamp section and power section of your amp. Id try putting the guitar, wah, and muff before the amp. meaning chain them all into the input, then put the ns2 in the loop. that should fix things up for you.
how does one go about using the effects loop? I've tried a few combinations. The pedal has the stereo and return. I've tried many combinations but I must be doing something wrong with order of the cables. Still can't figure it out. The amp is old but sturdy, maybe something electrical with the send and return on my amp? Its an old m-80 thats been through who knows what.
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Try guitar to NS-2 input to output amp, the try your pedals in the loop of the NS-2.

What are your settings?

Almost this.
Put your dirt pedals in the NS-2's loop.
yeah you need the delay after the ns2's gate.
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