So just a couple questions,

I baught these specialty Tack Cloths that are used for oil application but I have noticed tiny fibers getting stuck in the Tru Oil finish I am applying on this guitar body, So is there anything that will leave no fibers at all? a few parts of the guitar edges are a little rough and it seems thats just part of the mahogany bottom part of the body.

So other than just hand rubbing the tru oil applications has anyone found anything that will not leave tiny bits of material behind?

second question is, after ive finished my 8+ coats, Ive been recommended to use 3M Finesse-IT II after, any other recommendations? do I need to buy an electric buffer for this part?

edit, is this part ONLY for shine or does it add a protective aspect as well like a hardening outer coat?

any other general suggestions to coating / finishing / protecting the guitar after having dyed the wood?