here's just like 30 seconds getting a basic idea of the sound for the new project i'm trying to start.. any thoughts are much appreciated.

Edit: Finished and now hitting the studio to try recording etc. I would love feedback.
social physics.gp5
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It sounds great man, I love it
Maybe you could add some bass breakdowns during the part between the 9th and the 24th bar, it might make it even more tasty :P
Thank you guys, I'm glad you liked it. I've added some more, I'll reupload after work whenever I finish it.

and Kafiolet - I actually totally took that advice and chopped up the bass a little bit it sounds way more feely, thanks!
Sounds pretty cool, kinda like PTH's new stuff but more techincal

Listened to it a few more times actually, it's really ****ing sick dude I'd like to hear more from u.
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Hey guys, I just finished it and I'm gonna try to record it now. I'm sure it's not the final version of this song, I have some really good ideas in some scrap GP files for this one but I'd love any feedback you could offer!
My favorite thing I've heard around here in a long time!

I've got a big boner for good transitions and that measure, dat dere measure at 15 ;o.

Measure 71 and all that is probably the only thing I don't like, I don't like the role the clean guitar has in that part matching the electric guitar's tremolo picking and I feel the entire section just has no defined emotion or feel, unlike the rest around it.

I would agree with the previous comment about the bass line. You have a really good sense of writing groovy drum lines which are really cool and you could do a lot by working your bass lines to accentuate those bass drum patterns. Not necessarily in this piece because the pedal the bass serves and the fact it fills in the sound and stays simple underneath the complex leads has its purpose, but it might be something to consider in the future.

Thanks again for listening to my latest piece.