Hi !

My amp is a Rockerverb 50 MKI head + the Orange ppc412 cab with Celestions.
I'm in the market for selling it, because no matter what I do or try , I can't really nail the tone(s) that I am searching for.
And I think a combo amp would be a pleasure for my back also.
I actually wanted some money for it , so I could go to the musicstore and just try a shitload of combo amps.

But over the weekend I've received some mails, with these deals:

My cabinet for a VoxAC 30 C2
My head for a Fender Twin Reverb 65 ( Reissue )

Would this be a smart move, to trade my head and cab for two combo's ? (different buyers though )
I would probably consider selling those two afterwords, because I think it will bring up more money than if I sell the head+cab.

And while I'm at it, any combo amps that could be recommended ?

I'm actually gassing for a 68 Custom Twin Reverb, the looks alone are just stunning!
Never played one though. So if somebody could help me out on this ?

I'm playing with a tele, and the sounds I'm after are quite versatile.
I'm really found of the sound of the swedish rockbands ( Hellacopters, Hives, Graveyard, Datsuns , ... )
But in a while I'm gonna join a stoner band ... stoner as in Red Fang, QOTSA, ... ( no doom, sludge type of sounds ) so it would be nice if that could be covered also. Doesn't matter if it needs a pedal in front of the amp.

And I played four years in a band that played in the style of Hot Water Music, Make Do And Mend, Daylight, Title Fight, ... this is also the style of music that I listen the most to and still is the most important for me. I know a lot of people here in the "punkrock scene" , so the chance that I would start or join a band in the future again , that plays this kind of music , is not unreal.

I'm just wondering if a good solid clean sound for the basic is enough to build on further with pedals ?

My apologies in advance for typos and the long briefing .

Where are you located? Makes a lot of impact on what something is worth. Anyway, in Europe, I feel like an RV50 is worth more than a 65 Twin RI. The cab and the Vox are about the same worth here. If you want to build your sound with pedals, though, I'd rather use a Fender than a Vox.
I'm also from Belgium ...
It seems that the orange cabs and the RV'S MKI heads aren't worth to much around here if you sell 2nd handed...
So I was thinking if I get two combo amps for my head and amp, I might end up with the money I wanted in the first place if I sell those 2 combo's afterwords
That's a coincidence! ^^ Just found your add, by the way. Stellar condition. In hindsight, the Fender and the RV50 MKI could be about the same value. I was mistaken in thinking it was an RV100. As said before, I think the Vox and the cab are about the same value.

I would not get both, however, unless you want them both and intend to keep them. The market is definitely at a low and selling anything is hard, even the cheapest stuff. I think in the end, the RV50 set (or even separately) will sell for about the same, if not more. They aren't an easy find around here, while a Vox AC30 or Fender Twin isn't that hard to pick up.
I'm only getting mails from people with ridiculous low offers.
And it's quite easy to find an Orange cab ( with or without flightcase ) for not much money.
The MKII seem to be more wanted than the MKI also

I will think it over, but it's already the 2nd time the ad went online so far, thats why I'm starting to doubt that the two combo's will sell faster.
I don't need to make a profit in the end, if I can get the price I want for the Orange set by selling those two amps, I'm fine with that.

And nice to meet you btw !
Yes, the ridiculously low offers are what you have to deal with if you sell something of some value. In the end, it's your decision, though. The Vox and the Fender might sell more quickly, you never know. Check out the Facebook-groups "Facebook Music For Sale" and "Gearbook - Music gear for sale/wanted (Dutch)" if you did not know about them already.