There is a new (and unique!) limited edition of the Taylor GS Mini coming out in February 2014. Unique to the GS Mini, it sports a high grade Engelmann Spruce top from some old growth trees that were "rescued" from a mountain village high in the Washington Cascades. The entire retail profit of this limited edition will provide clean drinking water systems for at- risk communities in Central America. The story is here:


Also, check out the sound samples from this guitar, played by Seattle musician Randal Bays, on the same website. The guitars will be available thru the Taylor Website starting in February, but can be preordered thru the above link. Over 200 instruments have already been preordered in the past six weeks, and these will be delivered by Feb 1. So far, the instrument has been marketed exclusively thru the Holden Village social media network and the Acoustic Guitar Forum, where an extremely active thread was started by the Holden Village Carpenter/guitar aficionado.

The project is a unique collaboration between Taylor Guitars, their wood supplier (Pacific Rim Tonewoods) and Holden Village, as well as two non-profits working in providing clean water to developing nations, El Porvenir and Living Waters for the World.

This limited edition is the only GS Mini to feature an Engelmann Spruce top, and the back and sides are an incredible fiddleback maple laminate harvested from a single special tree, also from Washington State. It will have a stunning thematic inlay spanning three frets and centered on the 12th, designed by legendary luthier Larry Breedlove. The price is compatible with the GS Mini street, at 549$

If you are in the market for a 3/4 size instrument, and want the best available and for a good cause, check it out!
i've seen some renderings of the Holden Village GS mini. it's gonna be a beauty to match it's awesome sonic power. if i were in the market for another GS ini, i'd jump all over it. $549 is only 50 bucks more than the standard mini. not a bad deal at all !
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)