I was wondering if anybody could give me a short review of a Mark Tremonti Paul Reed Smith electric. I know this guitar is mainly geared for Metal, hard rock, etc. but i will be using it for more of a blues, rock, funk sound. Somebody may be lending me this guitar and i don't want them to send it if it's not going to work with my tone. I will be using it with a Traynor Half stack tube amp. I am worried that the guitars tone may be too driving and won't work with an acoustic guitar on rhythm. Please anyone share your thoughts or advice! Thanks!

PS. I need to be able to do volume knob swells and I use the toggle switch a lot within a song.
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They are nice guitars

Yes they are geared twards hard rock, but they can work just fine for blues
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Its mainly a metal/hard rock type guitar.
I play mainly Classic Rock, Blues, Southern rock, and when forced, Country.
It does all those just fine.

It all in how you play it.