Hello guys. I have a problem with Guitar Rig 5 when I try to use WASAPI Shared mode (I don't like Asio4All as it runs only one program at a time). There is no sound when I play, but if I record it, then the .wav file is perfectly fine... It's just that I can't hear what I am playing! Any help?

Moreover, it would be great if you can tell me how to use Asio4All with more than one program (VSTHost, Guitar Rig 5, Winamp, Chrome etc). I used it succesfully without problems in WinXP but updated to Win 7 yesterday and from what I've read, it's normal for Vista/7. Is this problem still in Win 8?
I don't know how stupid this might sound or something but when you are recording do you have your input monitor turned on for both your track and in Guitar Rig? When I used the recording studio in my school there was no Input Monitor in our version of Pro Tools but when I started Uni studying Audio Engineering these were all over the place.