I'm 23, have been playing Guitar since I was 12. I am mostly self taught, took lessons for the first couple months of playing.

I learned by learning how to play my favorite songs, mostly by tabs/chords. I can pick up some songs by ear as long as they aren't extremely complicated picking riffs. If it's all chords I can be good to go.

I'm not trying to talk myself up, but I would say I'm a fairly decent guitar player, who can jam with almost any musician and hold my own.

My style is unique, I grew up learning how to play stuff by Taking Back Sunday, Dave Matthews Band, Sublime, Say Anything, Bruce Springsteen, Thrice, and so on.

I also write my own music, and this is where my question comes in.

I want to study a certain style of guitar, and really dive deep into. Say, learning Blues Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Classical Guitar. But, I am not sure of what direction to head in.

Could anyone give me a run down of the pros/cons of learning each style. I've been listening on YouTube to find a genre that really speaks to me, but the problem is they ALL speak to me. I am in LOVE with Guitar, and always have been. All styles sound good, I'm having a difficult time deciding which one to go with. I want the one that will benefit me the most in the long run.

This is kind of an open ended question, sorry it's not too specific. I don't post much of forums.

All help/input/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Peace!
Personally my view would be to try and get proficient in a number of styles, you don't have to be a master at them all but it will give you a wider base for your music. The thing with learning just one style is that your music tastes may change over a period of time and you may find yourself moving away from the style you have become set in. There's also the problem of boredom, if you play just one style it is possible, although not definite, that you may get bored with that one style and end up getting a bit bored with playing guitar, i speak from experience here because I gave up playing because I got bored playing the same style of stuff all the time. Having said that I'm sure that many of the great players only really concentrated on one style and did more than OK out of it. If you have broad musical tastes though maybe trying to develop a few different paths to your playing might be the way for you to go. You could always pick one which you try to master predominantly and then maybe have a couple of days a week where you try learning some other styles, it certainly won't harm your development.
I'm with richards-keith. If you're not drawn to one style (eg jazz), then don't force it. Even if jazz was your thing, you could still take aspects of other styles you like (eg rock, country) and meld them into your sound. Becoming familiar with several styles will give you a lot more diversity in technique and knowledge in my opinion.

I find myself constantly among different styles, perhaps do to boredom (or attention deficit?). So go get a jazz book and make progress, then for a change do some classical. I wouldn't look at the time spent on the "wrong" style as negative (you mention getting the most benefit in the long run - being good in all styles can only benefit you).