Actually got this guitar a couple weeks ago off of cl... The story went that it was his kids guitar that he never really learned to play, sat in a closet for a few years, then spent about 20 in an attic. He started cleaning out stuff and wanted it gone. So I took it off his hands.

Its a mid-80's yamaha rgx-211. Its got a couple dings in the body, but there is absolutely NO wear on the frets or any of the hardware. When I got it home I played on it for an hour or so before I broke a string, and just now tore into it and set it up with 9-42s. Its got a cool 80s sound and feel to it...reminds me alot of an old Arbor guitar I had when I was a kid. Its got a japanese made single-locking tremolo that seems to be pretty decent, I havent had a floating trem in years and im gonna have to work on my dime squeals lol. The neck is nice and straight, I've got it set up at 1/16 at the 12th fret with no apparent buzz. I can tell its been through alot of temp and humidity changes in its life because the fret ends need to be filed down a bit. Other than that it seems pretty solid.

If I decide that its a keeper, with what I payed for it I wont be afraid to mod the hell out of it.. so far it seems worthy.

heres a couple pics

Yeah Yamaha makes a whole lot of great guitars for much less than other brands do
And since Yamaha is buying Line 6, you now have a "Pre-Line6" model. Bound to be worth $105, maybe $110 as a vintage item in 2063 or so.
BTW, I like that you hold your pinky up when you're taking a picture, but you should move up to "not standing in the light so that you throw a shadow on the wall and guitar that you're taking a picture of"... <G>
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...I like that you hold your pinky up ...

Nice find! Yamahas rule!
Playing with this guitar a little more this morning I do think its a keeper and will make a fun project guitar. I'd take it over any squire I've ever played, along with any gio, or any other guitar that could be had for that cheap. Because of that I really cant see selling it... If anything I could see giving it to my son, he's already drooling over it lol.

The bridge pickup sounded good until I a/b'd it with my gibson lol. Goes to show how a good amp will make any guitar sound good. I'm thinking about upgrading the pickups in the future... probably go with dimarzio.

When I picked it off the wall this morning I was kinda surprised that it was still in tune, especially after being setup with new strings around midnight last night. I gave the trem arm a good workout and it's still solid so im thinking they got something right on it.

I dont think it will become my main axe, but it does give me a guitar that's capable enough for me to learn to become better with a tremolo, and to help nail some of the 80s tones that my other guitars just dont quite get.

dspellman- I am and probably always will be a better musician than a photographer.. plus taking pictures with a cameraphone is kinda awkward, but thanks for the tip anyways lol. Vintage pre-line 6... I like it
Happy NGD to you! I got a Yamaha as well, and I find Yamaha is an underrated brand when it comes to electric guitars.