I bought my daughter a Ibanez Gio Mikro as one of your xmas presents and she really has been enjoying it. I know very little about guitars and just play as a hobby and only know a few chords and stuff like that so im teaching her what I know then maybe pass her off to a real teacher for lessons.

So I just been teaching her exercises,Blues scales,chords, and for fun You know you have to play Iron Man! So I turned on the distortion on the amp and boy does this thing sound Horrible! If your playing average stuff like chords and what not and the amp is set to clean settings its not bad for what it is,,but anything to have to with a dirty distortion,high gain it just sounds like a broken toy.

Im guessing its the pick ups right? She is using My roland Micro cube amp and I also plugged it into my Fender Gdec amp and it gives off a lot of feedback to that amp but also still sounds like crap.

So if im correct and its just crappy pickups that is causing this,Im wondering what is a good cheap set to buy,By cheap I mean like under $50 shipped,lol well under $50 would be better! But just want something that will fit right in,I dont want to grind it away or fill it up with a bunch of silicone,,just a easy swap.

Dont get me wrong Im not looking for a miracle or a mind melting distortion metal sound just something that will sound good on all settings.
GFS makes some very nice pickups, I have several in different guitars. A great all round pickup they have is the Fat Pat. It does cleans and harder music just fine and I paid <$40 total to my door.

The VEH is also nice if she likes high gain music, but the Fat Pat is my favorite they make and I play classic rock to metal at home and I play in a Punk band and a Metal band and the Fat Pat works excellent IMO.
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