My band is pretty new, only a few months. Our line up has basically been me as lead singer and my friend as bass player and another friend as drummer, but it quickly changed a lot because of the facts
a) I realized I'm not a very good singer so I had to learn guitar (which has been awesome)
b) The bassist plays a million instruments which moves people into playing bass for him or leaving us short a lead guitarist
But we have finally gotten into a position where we have a Lead guitarist, a Rhythm guitarist, a Bassist and a Drummer.

So I was wondering, because soon my band is going to play 3 shows (one per day) for a church event what are some easier metal and hard rock songs that don't mention satanic things (save your stories about how Tom Araya is Catholic for later, I don't get to give an exposition before each song)

I ask because I am a decent guitarist already, but I don't want to foul up a whole show because of a lousy riff or something.

Right now, we're playing Breaking the Law, My Generation (with slightly altered lyrics), a few original songs and Iron Man. Are there any other really easy metal and rock songs?
There's a lot of good songs from lil Wayne's rebirth album that should fit the bill
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Hmm the band that comes to mind is Decyher down, RED, or thousand foot krutch. Those are the inly hard rock-christian bands i can think of.
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