I'm Happy my first posted tab has been accepted a few days ago but I am quite dissapointed because I spent a LOOONG time aligning Chord signs for them to correspond to the lyrics underneath because each time I did a preview I obtained something that wasn't matching anymore.

Finally I managed to match everything and posted my tab. Then after a few days, it was accepted, so I happilly went to see what it looked like and.....uurgh!!! There were the chords and lyrics mixed up.

My questions are:

- How's that?
- Why not work out an easy and quick way to post tabs?

(For info, I posted through a mac and the tab is America Live by David Bowie)
Wow...I looked at your tab and it really does not line up at all like you stated..
I have made many tabs and never had this problem happen to me before....

What I do is first get the lyrics to the song I am doing off the Internet and cut and paste them into the SUBMIT YOUR TAB part of UG

I then just put the chords exactly where I want them to go... And once I place them there
They appear exactly where I originally placed them but I always make sure by hitting the
PREVIEW TAB button before submitting....

And once I do all this and assure everything is exactly as I want then I hit the SUBMIT TAB
Button and that's it... I never ever had any problem then when the tab was finally accepted and posted....

I am sure you did all this and I TRUELY can not figure out why this happened to you....

I see you are from FRANCE ... Perhaps it has something to do with the country of origin as I am from the USA .... I don't see why, but it is all I can think of that this Occurred.

The only thing I can tell you is to contact one of the moderators (EMAD is the name of the one I always contact) and ask him to look at what you posted here...

You can find him and post it here:

By the way, every time I submit a tab I save a copy in my own email..... I place it in a folder there... And when I do it never ever looks like it does on here... But what is funny is if I go to post it back here if I make a correction it will automatically line up like it should... It could have something to do with the font style.... So that could also be what occurred...

However, like I stated I am stumped as to why this happened to you... So ask EMAD like I stated..

Let us know what happens after you get a response
Make sure you use a font such as Courier New. It's a monospaced font, which means that the letters from the row above will line up with the letters from the row below. I'm sure there are other fonts that are monospaced, but it's the one I always use and I get excellent results each time.

FWIW, I use Microsoft Word to create all my tabs. I use a similar style as #2... I find my lyrics on the internet and copy and paste them into a new Word document. I then convert them into Courier New font. After that, I correct any mistakes in the lyrics and change the punctuation to suite my style. From there, just add spaces between each line, identify the verses, chorus, bridge and whatever else, then start adding your chords. Check out some of my tabs, if you'd like for ideas.
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I use the exact same font you stated Courier New ... So maybe that is the solution..

I also notice that sometimes when I copy and paste if I get an apostrophe ' that someone
Else used when I do a preview it shows up as a bunch of numbers until I change it to a courier new apostrophe.... So I guess that the font type you use has a lot to do with how things show up.
Yeah, if you use a proportionally spaced font, it will come out wierd. With monospaced fonts, each letter uses the same amount of space. With the proportional spaced fonts, each font can have a different width, so it messes things up. Also, if you grab your lyrics off the internet, be sure to check for places where someone may've hit TAB. Even if you convert the text to Courier New, the inserted TAB will screw up spacing and formatting.

Once I'm all done with my tab and have proofed it for mistakes, I copy everything and paste it into the U-G Submit Your Tab, just like Don.

It's also worth noting, that after you submit your tab, if you look at it before it's been approved, sometimes you'll see gibberish in it. Some lines may contain what appears to be some html formatting characters. The gibberish goes away after the tab is approved.
Hi, I've just seen your answers to my question today. Thanks.
I did copy the lyrics somewhere on the net then made a few corrections. Then, after matching every chords and lyrics, I posted what looked ok on the preview but the result on line is dreadful.

I'll have to try with courrier new a you suggest. Thanks anyway for your replies.

BTW: is it possible to edit my tab or should I post another one?
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You can edit your tab ... Do not post another one... Once you submit it it may take a few days to appear.. So be patient... But whatever you do just edit your own and resubmit it...do not make a new one...