Main riff is the best pirate prog I've ever heard

Acoustic part is so damn good

Outro was boring as balls, get some melody in there
This is great, some of the sections near the middle dragged on a bit, maybe repeat them less? And the ending definitely needs some melody - maybe work in like some violin style melody for the second guitar
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Great work! Are you a bass player by any chance, cos I noticed that from bar 52-55 onwards it was mainly the bass giving the song it's 'interest point' so to speak. Not that this is a problem, as it's pretty damn cool. I found the triplets in the last verse pretty awkward, but I don't know whether that's just the software.
Thanks for feedback guys!

I'm currently rewriting the ending part, but im kinda out of ideas..

And yes, i am a bass player and i mostly write my songs with bass. This was one of my only songs i wrote on guitar
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Interesting groove at the beginning, it's like a groovy, slightly twisted carnival.

The riff that starts at measure 8 I'm not really a fan of, maybe the idea itself isn't that bad for that type of riff but it needs some sort of, either stronger backing chords to determine the progression or an underlying stronger bass line that makes it less, meandering... if you know what I mean.

The interlude is interesting, I liked that break.
You might want to give a closer listen to your let ring chords and how they interact with your backing track though, there seem to be some dissonances you can probably resolve better in there. The idea is nice though. I isolated your first 2 guitar tracks and I liked them quite a fair bit so it's got good potential as a riff.

I don't really like the breakdown, 1 note breakdowns are already pretty tame but for them to work you really need repetition and for that rhythmic to either stick to the listener, or awe them, and this seems to lack focus...

I like the acoustic part except for the lead track at bar 40, your last note ( the 9th fret) is a bit off and maybe you could change the tail every time it repeats to make it more interesting.

The distortion part, the chord progression is really cool and I dig it a lot,very nice section that is.

Really not a fan of the last verse and how it comes in from the previous section, probably the weakest part of the song for me.

The outro, well the bass line over the breakdown actually isn't so bad, it's interesting and unusual, when you add the melodies on top it really muddles the mood you're trying to achieve though.

Has potential, some sections are not bad at all, keep at it!

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