It's been a while since I've posted in this area of UG, but thought I'd try sharing this. I know "rap" isn't a huge thing on this forum, but hopefully you guys find this a bit more interesting than stereotypical rap music. I worked with a friend on this song for the past few months, and just recently decided to finish it. I worked out all the beats, instrumentation, composition, etc. by myself. If you have something of your own you'd like me to listen to, post a link to the thread and leave useful feedback here.

My track is here: http://phasesofthemoon.bandcamp.com/
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As a fan of prog, post-metal, ambient, rap, and electro, and someone who dislikes the government and the people around me, I found this interesting. The tone of voice during the rap sections was off putting, but the ending was excellent. My biggest complaint is that rap is no place for odd time signatures. I made a track in 7/4, with an 11/4 chorus, and it took away all the flow
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I like the acoustic guitars (the best part of the song in my opinion). I like some of the beats, but some of the beats are odd to my ears. I listen to very little rap, though some of the rap doesn't seem to be in time with the beat (may be because of some of the complex beats). I think the best vocals were around 4:15. I like the synths at 4:40. I gotta give you some credit for having several vocal styles on one song. Please review my music at this link: