I need help.
it has been one year since I start playing the guitar.
I took lesson but recently stop this month due to my studies.
through out this whole year, I think that I haven't been progressing in my playing..i started my guitar lesson from scratch..playing one string at one time and etc..
I took trinity pop & rock grade 1 as well.ive learnt barre chords as well and in doing fine in getting the sound to ring out.
the problem is that I can even play a song by my own even though I know how the shape is..i just cant,,maybe I have problem in rhythm,,i don't know. the only song that I can play is the man who cant be moved and payphone with ddddu and dduuddu and my exam pieces. I don't know when do I change the chords..is it in the middle of the strum pattern?
i really like the sound of guitar and I ve bee trying to work it out. i practice for hours a day but it doesn't seems to be working.
it really brings me down whenever I saw someone else progressing so fast within a few months and said tht it is not necessary to have a teacher to teach you guitar..
i wish someone could help me with this.

i don't really have someone close to me who plays guitar so idont now what should i do..
i would really appreciate your advice.
thanks for your advise jay
i tried it,,and i think it works(well,maybe )
i realized that i got confused with the beat. 1234, 1+2+3+4,1e+a got completely messed up in my head and in trying to put it back together now..

i tried to write down strumming pattern for one bar and split it into half to know where to change the chords..ididnt know whether it is the right way or not though

but anyway, thank you so much for your help!
Jay has good advice. I would add to try songs that have simple changes, like each chord lasts for a whole measure, typically four beats. So each chord would last either 4, 8 or 12 beats. Then play the song slow at first so that when you do the transitions, you don't miss a beat. So even if you can play the four strums of the chord fast, if you stumble on the transition, slow the whole thing down (don't play some parts fast and then slow on transitions).

You might try just doing down strums for the four beats. Then work up to down/up strumming (one - and - two - and...) so that you have the four main strums, but an up-strum after each. These are the basics for getting rhythm playing. I'm not sure if this advice works with your old lessons or books, but this is the normal way to progress. You should get that the 4 beats per measure is just very natural and you can "feel" where the chord change is without having to count to four each time. Then mix things up with more difficult chord changes and faster songs.