I have an early 90's USA Neckthrough spector NS-2. Its a gorgeous guitar both aesthetically and tonally, the action on this thing is great the only problem is that i am a guitar player and havent touched it in probably a year, it never gets played and just sits in its case so its time to go to someone who will make good use of it, no sense in having a over 1K tied up in something that doesnt get touched. I may entertain trades but not really interested in anything other than maybe a prs or es335 / boutique tube amps. I know around what this things worth so make me some offers. Heres a picture and i can get more if you are seriously interested.

too much to list

Soldering iron:15 dollars
Amp kit: 500 dollars
solder: 5 dollars
Burning the crap outta your fingers: priceless