So, I've had this guitar for almost 7 months now, until recently, I discovered that the eq switch knob had broke off, thus rendering my guitar's signal to cut off and on. While I'm playing with the guitar plugged in, i had to kinda tap the switch every now and then to get my guitar's sound going. I open the back electriconic's cover. after examining it seems i can just replace the module like a component. the problem is should i bring it to the music store i bought it from or try to find the switch online? I haven't been able to find the switch online. D:
An active EQ module like that might be tough to replace. I'd write/call Ibanez and see if they can offer you the replacement part (I'm sure they can). Expect them to jack the price a little.

Did you use the switch? If you bypassed it (and didn't use the notch filter) then you might do well to just wire it out of your signal path and not worry about bumping it.