I am new to guitar and have been playing acoustic for about a month. I want to purchase an electric guitar and small amp. Couple of questions;
1) Are there any issues with the MIM (made in Mexico) Fender Strats?
2) I am looking online at eBay to make my purchase. Is this ok or should I buy it "live" at store. I am lefty so not many to choose from at the store.

For a starter guitar, there's absolutely nothing wrong with an MIM. A decent MIM should last you quite awhile.

Personally, I always recommend driving to a store and trying it in person. At this stage of the game, your ear hasn't matured all that much, but you still need to get your hands on it and make sure that it feels and plays right. Most stores will also offer to set up the guitar for free. Later on, once you've been playing a while and you're able to tell good tone from not so good tone, playing a potential new guitar will be even more important.
mim fenders are quite good ive been using one as a backup for a while now

and id recomend going to a store and trying it out in person if its possible but i know being lefty as well that left handed selections in stores are abysmal at best
MIM Strat is a great choice for a first guitar but I'd recommend going to a store rather than ebay. You may find something you like better
Thanks for the responses. I value the input and advice. Unfortunately I am unable to locate a lefty Strat nearby. I have done my research and it appears that this will be a great starter guitar so I might have to buy new from a reputable chain store or used via eBay. Thanks again.