I'd like to hear more about unfamous pedals! Le met know any new/old/one-of-a-kind pedals that I might haven't heard about.

For instance the Rainbow Machine by earthquake is very unique.

Or I'd like to discover new "combinations" of effects as well. For exemple, I like using a tremolo combined with open wah (all the way up). It sounds like screeching metal and it's quite melodious.
A lot of Boss' early pedals from the 80's that are discontinued are pretty cool. Some that just never got popular because there wasn't a practical use but still made cool sounds. Things like the Boss SG-1 (linky) come to mind. Check it out.
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Yea I always loved old Boss stuff, MIJ sounds really great.
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I love my Boss PS-3.

Twiddling the Delay time knob in delay modes gets a really cool stuttery, rhythmic sound instead of the whammy-ish squeals one might be used to. Jacking up the repeats on mine doesn't get oscillation and louder like some delays, but just gives a ****load of repeats that sound almost like a CD skipping.

Its single pitch shift is neat in that it's a delayed pitch shift, so it takes a set for the shifted signal to come in. Like the detune mode doesn't give you a chorus/12 string/mandolin effect, but more of a light touch of a whammy bar

And there's also Mode 7, that is a reverse delay that pitch shifts each repeat. I think the Rainbow Machine does the same kind of thing here, but with way more options, craziness, and magic. Not quite like a shimmer (ovtave up decay) reverb effect, because each repeat is raised/lowered by a 3rd, 5th, 8ve each time. It's also pretty funky with the pitch set to unison

It's dual pitch-shift modes are cool. Dual-detuning gives a really thick, stationary-Chorus sort of sound. and then there's dual +24 semitone pitch shifting I like to use for octave up and down for an organ sounds mixed with some flanger and dirt(after the PS-3) to take the edge off of how sharply digital the notes are.
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Thanks guys!

I just cheked the Bumble Buzz from Jack White (The White Stripes). One of a kind fuzz.
Homebrew Electronics Mimic delay. An analog delay with a BBD chip. Hard to tame ("In o'clocks", Time: 5, Repeats: 1, Level: 9) and get good delays without oscillation, but fun nonetheless.

I don't think its the best analog delay, but its quirky. It distorts your signal with higher level settings to give you new, though not always better, sounds. I use mine more subtly, and use the DD-6 for more standard delay.

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Pretty neat! Makes me think of Fairfield circuit pedals.
I found a cool effect is using a splicing effect with a delay give you a pretty crazy sound.
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Rawk Works pedals are really nice
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The EHX Ravish Sitar is a pretty weird sounding pedal. Also, the "The Unpleasant Surprise" by Fairfield Circuitry. Check it out, it's crazy.
I like using my MXR classic fuzz with the fuzz knob turned to halfway, with heavy compression: all the tone roll off from the fuzz is removed by the compressor but it leaves the velvety super low fuzz sound.
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@tas38 Dying Walrus is pretty unique!

@Kyleisthename have any audio clip ?

@Robbgnarly I almost bought one last month. They sound really great.

@I K0nijn I Yea I know these. I still don't know if you can get anything melodious from that unpleasant surprise

@ywloverock Cool pedal! Worst OD ever in my opinion, but yea killer design.

@Bluesblitz Do you have any audio sample? I'd really like to hear that! What compressor do you use? In this case do you place fuzz in front of compressor?

Edit: I found this DIY compressor/fuzz. http://hentula.com/2012/10/10/carlin-compressor.html Crazy tone
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