Hello, I have been playing the acoustic guitar for about 5 months. I think it's time to get a new electric guitar and an amp. I want to play mainly alternative rock like Nirvana, Pixies, etc. But, if I ever want to play classic rock, I want it to be able to do that too. Can you suggest an electric guitar for about $500-600 and an amp with multiple effects for about $300-400? P.S. I don't want a beginners guitar like a Squier. I want something I can have for a long time and be satisfied with once I get more advanced.
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Used PRS SE, if you like the necks, and maybe a Peavey Vypyr Cube 60? Guys? Help on this one?
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Another guy suggested that amp on my other post so it must be good. And that neck on the PRS SE is pretty big but then again my aren't small so maybe a bigger neck might be nice.