Hi all
Im new here and this is my first post so I really hope you can help me out.
I have my guitar connected to my PC through an M-Audio black box and I use Amplitube and Guitar Rig for my sound.

I want to be able to contol the fx pedals (mostly the wah) myself. Is there anyway I can do this cheap? I just bought the M-audio expression pedal which connects into the expression socket on the black box but the Amplitube does not recognise it when I try to 'learn midi' (Gutted)

I have seen the Stealth pedal but surely there is something that can just control the virtual pedals the same way the mouse can?

I only have 2 arms and I cant use the mouse with my foot
I'm sure there must be a MIDI keyboard somewhere that has an expression footswitch jack. One that allows a rocking motion like a volume pedal (or a wah). You could use one of these and probably use the learn MIDI function to do it that way.
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Hi. I've been wanting what you've been searching for a long time, but I've always felt that the options I've seen were overpriced.

The best option I see out there would be a Line 6 FBV Express MkII.

Expression pedal and 4 footswitches with MIDI capability. It also has a USB jack so I think you don't even need a MIDI cable for it.
Runs about 100 dollars.
Thanks for the replies. Surely there is a cheap alternative. Thinking about it...

You can use the PC mouse to control the pedal (either by holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse or using the scroll wheel on the mouse) then is there really no way you can get an accessory to do this with your foot? I suppose I could put the mouse on the floor and control the pedal using my big toe one the mouse scroll button but surely there is a way round this?

What about a Rocksmith PC cable or other USB input to plug an expression pedal into?

I am really surprised there isn't something out there
Thanks but the price on those isnt far off a midi controller.
I just cannot beleive there is a cheap option. Am I the only one who wants such a thing
There's not really a cheap option because MIDI generally isn't cheap. Most people using it for guitar rigs are running racks full of expensive gear and can afford to shell out for a quality controller. I seriously doubt you'll find anything worth buying under $100.
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