i got a schecter omen extreme and I'm not sure about my pickups, I've had the guitar for almost a year and I've started to think about upgrading the pickups.

so I'm thinking about the emg 81/60, the ones james hetfield uses. now the thing is, I know emg is good with distortion, but how do they sound clean?

i play a lot of heavy music (Metallica, Megadeth, slayer etc.) but sometimes i play pop, blues and classical. how does that sound with them?
I had that set for awhile. The cleans were pretty good, but that may have been mostly the amp.
The 60 did a lot better with the cleans than the 81. Not as warm as some passives, but they were clear enough. Not sure about classical style music, but they should be ok for some pop, blues maybe if you dirty them up a bit.
Hetfield has a new signature set he uses now, by the way. Haven't played around too much with those, though.
What kind of amp are you using?
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I like them for clean, some don't

I recommend playing a guitar with the pups in it at a music shop or something and forming your own opinion. Thrash on \m/
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