I figure this is the right place to ask so here it goes. I'm trying to play the song Black Sabbath by the band Black Sabbath and I can play most of it except for a little trouble with the intro riff. I'm talking about the part where Tony does the trill 4h5p4 etc...

Is it like Beat 1: 4h5p4h5p4h5p4h5 Beat 2: 4h5p4h5p4h5p4h5 etc...
Or is it Beat 1: 4h5p4h5p4h5p Beat 2: 4h5p4h5p4h5p etc...
Or something completely different?

Does this question make any sense? Thanks in advance.
It's just a long trill; you're really thinking too hard about it.
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Yeah, like tremolo picking, it's not too big of a deal if you play one more or less.