I'm wondering if anyone here has used this method and what you think about it. I picked it to start 'fresh' with a jazz method, even though I already have a lot of the theory covered (a fairly solid base I think at least). The triads exercises are actually fairly challenging in my opinion and they make for a fun exercise, but I almost feel like in the grand scheme of things they're nothing but a stepping stone to learn the 'main' 7th chords, construction included... or am I missing something?
you're right in that they are a stepping stone to learning basic 7th chords, but they're also a stepping stone to playing more fluid and "jazzy" sounding solos. if you tear apart the average jazz solo, you'll find something like 80% arpeggios and 20% chromatic lines, as most solos revolve around the idea of embellishing and/or implying the chord progression which is achieved by coming up with licks and phrases that tend to involve a pretty liberal use of triads since jazz characteristically has A LOT of chord changes.

but learning and playing the exercises alone won't help until you apply them to actual tunes. play/transpose the exercises to fit the chord progressions of your favorite standards, so that you get used to doing them in the context of actual jazz.

I'm a student of Jody Fisher's, by the way, I've probably worked on the exact exercises you're working on. I agree that his exercises seem like basic theory or chop-building exercises(and they really are, a lot of Jody's teaching philosophy is based on SOLID theory knowledge and practical playing technique) but they become pretty solid foundations if you get used enough to them to recall them when you're soloing.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for the post! I didn't know that about jazz solos. And I didn't know about applying the exercises to actual tunes, thanks, that's going to take me a while...

I'm enjoying the study of different fingerings. Does it move on to different modes at some point?

It definitely does (help), thanks a lot!