Poll: What is the longest you've gone without taking a shower?
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View poll results: What is the longest you've gone without taking a shower?
1 day
8 6%
2 days
18 13%
3 days
22 16%
4 days
16 12%
5 days
9 7%
6 days
5 4%
1 week
25 19%
2 weeks
16 12%
3 weeks
8 6%
I don't shower
7 5%
Voters: 134.
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When i was younger i could go maybe 2 days at most. Now it's every day because who the **** wants to smell like ****
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Probably 4-5, back when I was a disgusting teen angst. Now I actually shower every day because I'm a person.
This thread reeks.
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The only time it's not everyday is if I'm camping or something

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Three or four when I had mono in sixth grade, because I could barely even stand up without feeling like my spleen was going to burst. Outside of that two at most when I was a teen. I sweat easily and hate feeling all greasy and nasty for too long.
When in the ICU of a high security psychiatric unit the only way I could shower was if the staff member that had to stay within a metre of me at all times, who rotated around the unit every hour, was stood in the door whilst I had a shower. All of the male staff bar one were large nigerian men. On my first week there, a little irish man was said I could have the door shut, trusting I wouldn't kill myself in that short space of time in an empty room with a hole in the floor and cold water pouring out of the ceiling.

That was the one time I showered there in the 28 days I stayed at that unit. Pretty grim, but if no one can see you for a month and your full of drugs permanently what does it matter?

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Up until I was like 10 i'd only shower like 3 days a week but since then I don't go a day without one.
Edit: Also, when i was in primary school there was this one guy in my class that really fu*king stank, this lasted all the way through primary .
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Every few weeks I'll spend an entire Sunday without going outside, so it's pointless to shower on those days. It's only my wife who can smell me, and she's not important.

But every other day I'm clean as a really clean whistle.
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Sometimes I'll go couch surfing at my buddies' places over the weekend and go two days between showers. But the longest I could ever remember would be 4 days between when I went camping for a long weekend a few years ago. Even then I washed/bathed in the lake. Usually I will every day, but only because I work or exert myself every day. If I don't do anything or just sit on my ass all day I don't need a shower, get at me
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After not being a little kid: probably 3 days. I only skip a day sometimes if I know I'm not doing anything and don't feel particularly gross
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Probably a week or something.
I shower now every 2-3 days. Not every day because I'm not brain damaged and don't want my skin to fall off
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Probably a week or something.
I shower now every 2-3 days. Not every day because I'm not brain damaged and don't want my skin to fall off

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Yeah i'm so sad i made that mistake now I look like this

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2 days maybe once but it was a mistake and I'm never going to do it again
I skip a day pretty often while at school because I'm lazy. I don't really sweat much. My hair gets gross before I smell. I've gone quite a while when I was younger I just can't do that anymore.
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I usually shower at least every 3 days if not more when I'm in college because of stress, plus I just don't ever smell too bad for some reason. When I'm on break/holiday, I shower everyday. At some things, you just don't get opportunity to so yeah
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like 4.or5 days when I was a kid cuz I didn't know any better
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I'm a scout, so there are occasions when in you can't shower for 3 days or so.
At home during holidays, I take a shower every other day and wash my hair every fourth or so, if I don't plan on going out.
Usually I shower + wash hair every day, because they get greasy very quickly.
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Ten days when mountain hiking a few years back. Every day when I can.
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About four days when i went to Download. I shower every day so i felt disgusting during that time.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
I really don't know. Not normally more than 2, but I'm sure there were times when I was sick and didn't for 3-4 days.
lol worthy thread. Shows how willingly gross people can be.

Longest I've been without a shower was 12 days on exercise. So that's running around every day for 12 days straight, sweating like a pig under the sun and freezing at night being covered in sweat, but most nights we were out doing something anyways, probably exerting ourselves once again. Baby wipe showers lose their effectiveness after about 3 days of sweat, muck and filth. Plus I was out of them shortly after, and bumming baby wipes off of someone is harder than getting smokes after a week of no nicotine re-supply.

Also, that's 12 days no shower while wearing the same clothes. Sometimes I changed my boxers every day, but time often did not allow it, so it was like every 2 days. Although difficult to resist, socks were changed once a day. Although I did keep my last and best pair at the bottom of my ruck and was delighted when I found them. And I wore those for 3 days straight. Pretty gross, but they were unable to crustify, and that's why I paid 30$ for them. Also, t-shirt was usually changed once a day but I remember a few days of wearing the same one. The salt from my sweat gave me itching so bad it looked like I had nervous ticks, foot powder on my back solved that.

That was all pretty gross. I'm the type of guy who always takes a shower in the morning or else I feel crusty as **** and can't stand myself. But for that time, I just didn't give a ****. When in the field, who ****in' cares. Besides, I know guys who've gone months with no shower in the sandbox, so really, I have nothing to complain about.
Bout 5 days at most.

My friend went 2 months without bathing as a bet. The bet was only for 1 month... He decided to keep it going because he was a slob as it was. My friends and I decided to grab him, take off his dirty clothes that he'd been wearing for 2 months straight and push him into the shower. It took about 7 of us to do it, also his mom made us do it because she blamed us for him not showering and we felt bad because he stunk up her house.
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9 or 10 days in a military setting. Never longer than 2 days if I have a choice in the matter.
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Just barreling dogs and barking trains
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4 weeks, but I was out in the woods with a few mates, working with chopping wood and stuff, and drinking beer every night for 4 weeks. So it's ok.
A month and a half, I got really bad chicken pox my junior year in high school and it was too dangerous and painful for me to shower for that time period. I'm a bit obsessive with bathing so that whole time period was ****ing torturous.
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2 weeks, I had a double ear infection that destroyed my balance and couldn't stand with out falling.
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When I was a kid I had awful hygiene. I usually maxed out at 5ish days. Now its sometimes twice a day depending on when I work out.
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