Guys I'm about to launch my Kickstarter project and I've got a lot written down and made a video. You know how they say 10 heads are better than one? Well I need some ideas on what to do before I launch. I'm a guitar player and I also like to invent things. I made a little transmitter to plug straight into the guitar and transmit to a local FM radio and I've built in Phaser, Echo, Flanger and Distortion which can be preset to any level. Echo is up to 50 ms delay. I've already got two ideas that were pretty good and I've added them to the design spec. It was a head set to listen to your riffs and a microphone input to allow you to sing along with your playing. If any of you have any more ideas then please check out the kickstarter webpage and let me know. Thanks in advance... Here is the address...