Hey guys. I was playing on my JSX yesterday with some family. I was plugged into the same outlet as another amp, and after maybe 10-15 minutes, I get a noticeable drop in volume, then it cut out completely. No sound, no indicator light. There was a slight burning smell but it wasn't overwhelming. I looked at it today and found that all 8 tubes look ok, but the mains fuse was blown. After replacing the fuse, I flipped the switch and the indicator light came on. I didn't try to play through it though since I wasn't sure if the replacement fuse was the correct one (250V F5A).

Now my question...is there something else that could have caused the fuse to blow, or is it a simple case of the fuse going bad? I've never had any other issues previously. I'm wondering if sharing an outlet with my aunt's Fender Deville could have something to do with it, even though neither of us were very high on the master volume. Also, since the tubes are ok, I fear something internal may have went to cause the fuse to blow. Any help is appreciated.

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I'd replace the tubes. Fuses don't blow on their own(ok, very very rarely one can have a defect).

Power tubes are always the suspect in this. It might even red plate- if it glows red the. It is done. Don't even switch it on until you replace them so you don't chance anything going wrong on your amp.
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dead ad tubes can still show light. red plating is about the only way you can and if you see that, turn it off and retube. don't turn it on again.

also make sure you put the right fuses. i don't know what you need off hand, but there are regulars and slo-blows, make sure you are replacing the correct one or you will trash it at some point.
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