Ok , i've been saving for an Ibanez Jem 7v forever now, love that guitar, but the price is steep so it's taking me a long ass time to get it. I've just come across a used Ibanez JEM 7dbk which is half the price, which i know nothing about, can anyone please tell me about it? I can't even find info regarding it.
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-3 piece maple and bubinga neck
-430mm Radius rosewood board
-43mm nut width
-Warmoth 6105 frets
-Basswood body
-Edge Pro bridge
-Dimarzio Breed neck p/u
-Dimarzio Custom mid p/u
-Dimarzio Breed bridge p/u

I'm personally not a fan of basswood or the Edge Pro.
I know Jems are some of the most commonly faked guitars out there along with the les paul... beware that you know what to look for, and if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you can get ahold of a couple pics of the guitar you can post it either here or on jemsite, and people will be happy to authenticate it for you. good luck.
If I were you I would hold out and get exactly what you want. I wouldn't be taking a chance on ebay. It's probably very tempting since you've been saving for so long to just get what's available now instead of saving a little more and getting what you really want. I think in the end you'll be happier if you just save a little more.