So I've decided to go acoustic.
I don't really know what size to go. I will mostly be wanting to do strumming but will definitely do picking and other techniques when I get better. My budget is around $600.
Here are a few people I listen to.
Lumineers, Rory Gallagher, of monsters and men,Dylan, Willie mcTell, Robert Johnson, bb king.
As well as jack white, dodos, Munford and sons, avett brothers.
A lot a genres but mostly indie, with blues and country/folk.

Ive been looking at gretsch rancher Jr or jumbo. (leaning towards jumbo) also looking at some epiphanies, don't know if I should look at Taylor or martin is low price ranged. Also the seagull s6.

Can anyone speak on gretsch acoustics? Or recommend any nice guitars in my price range keeping my music genres in mind.
picking out a guitar for someone else is next to impossible. the most popular for beginners are the Yamaha fg700s and the seagull S6. both great guitars that are above their peers.
most here will tell you to buy whatever guitar they just bought as a means of self-justification.
with your budget, it opens many possibilities. for what your looking to do with it and the size question, my choice would be Taylor's GS mini. great booming sound, good tone and sustain.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I second the Taylor GS Mini. Such an awesome guitar for the price and pure Taylor tone. Probably one of the best guitars in that price range.
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Thanks, I'll look into the Taylor.
Anyone have anything to say on the gretsch rancher Jr or jumbo?
I just got the Alvarez AD60 and i love it. Great woods and plays phenomenal. Def worth checking out