Mmm so yeah, i wrote the other critique first, so maybe this one is gonna be a little shorter. What i wanted to tell you here is that si one really blew me away, Taylor's songs really fit your voice, ther is a strong resemblance. The screaming here is completely on spot! You should try throwing some of them on your other covers that are not as metal!

You should try doing some of Stone Sour, or just keep killing it with Slipknot haha. Maybe some Disturbed? I will be checking your covers man, keep on.

AND Btw, i forgot in cee lo's post, try not no to make the forum work with your covers, i think we are all lazy as shit and when you told us to change the link to make it work i think A LOT of people said "mmm I'LL PASS" hahaha. At least that is what i did the first time i saw it, and it was despite the fact that i was interested in hearing a cee lo's cover, sooo what can i say...

Keep rocking man, take care.
I agree with the guy above me. your voice suits this song good enough. sometimes it feels not completely in tune but overall its a good performance!
You also had the Cee lo cover, but I like this one better and feel like that pop song suits you less.

As you are a good vocalist I would love your tips and crit on this one please!
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Oh shit guys I never noticed I got any replies to this post! I'll do the C4Cs here shortly!
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