Ok,I have a guitar with a single coil and two hambuckers,zoom g1xn and a cube 20 amp(I sometimes use a 720w sony amp),both of them are without distortion.So,when I play a note or anything for a moment,it doesn't stay for long.I mean,when other guitarist plays their one,it sounds like-"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' and continues for a lot of time but mine one stays for 4-5 seconds and then shreds rapidly.I want it to continue its sound.
P.S-I play rock and metal genre....Thank you....
Does your amp have a built in noise gate? if it does, turn it off.
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Are you using any vibrato at all?

4-5 secs is completely normal in regular mid range guitars in my experience just letting a note ring out without any vibrato or FX at bedroom volumes.
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Feedback helps sustain. Try sustaining a note and facing the speaker.
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Actually I realised that my tone mode was off,so it was not continuing for a lot of time,now it is working,thanks all for your suggestions...