First and foremost, let me say that I'm not fond of asking for advice, and then completely disregarding it, but I think you guys can forgive me this time.

So, I've been scouring eBay and craigslist for weeks looking for potential amplifiers. Couple Mesas popped up that were out of my price range, a JSX that was way overpriced, a Carvin Legacy 1 that was 130 miles away, several nice amps that were tempting but sadly low gain, etc. Basically, not much luck, until Saturday. This amp showed up, located about half an hour away from my home town:

Bogner Alchemist and 2x12 cab

Ended up doing a lot of research (watched nearly every video on youtube that featured the amp), and called the guy Sunday evening and left him a message. He called me the next morning, and we decided to meet up for me to check out the amp. I ended up snagging the haed, cab, footswitch, and a [at least] 20ft XLR cable for the footswitch for $600 and $15 in gas.

Sound: So far I've only done a little bit of late night low volume jamming and played at a respectful volume at the old owner's home. The cleans can be dialed in to be very warm and jazzy (which I prefer) or thinner and brighter. Even with the channel volume at 1 or so, the amp was incredibly responsive on the clean channel. Great range of sound between gentle fingerpicking and heavy picking with a tortex pick. The lead channel is very warm and dark, with plenty of clarity when the gain is up. Great chugging sound as long as you don't cut *too much* treble. The built in delay and reverb are both very good as well, though the footswitch is definitely necessary if you want to use them.

Reliability/condition: The head feels like a tank. I was surprised to find that the poweramp tubes had a cage-like structure around them to protect them. The amp is in prestine condition, no scuffs, not dents, no tolex damage, nothing. I was also kind of surprised at the fact that the cabinet weighs less than the head.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase,. If I get the time, I'll try to put up some clips and more pics.

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What amp is it?

It's an alchemist right? I can't remember the name of it.

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Yep, the discontinued one produced by line 6.

Happy NAD, brother!!
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fun amps for sure.
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